25 thoughts on “10 Cloth Diaper Myths

  1. not to mention having to run out on the middle of the night because you ran
    out of diapers….. that’s a waste of time money and gas…


  3. I don’t presoak my diapers, That “special” detergent is borax and washing
    soda… It’s cheaper than detergent and more efficient. I bought 20
    diapers for 85 and I use soft face cloths I already had for cloth wipes. I
    do a load everyday but I only have 20 diapers and I have 2 kids. It’s so
    much cheaper and SOOO much simpler. 

  4. You signal a bit bossy in this record to be honest, it could have been done
    with a small more tact, but I like the info. Thank you for posting.

  5. Unfortunately there is no “best” diaper, otherwise everyone would use it!
    Everyone has different wants, needs and preference when it comes to cloth
    diapers. My recommendation is to get a few different brands, see what you
    like – and then sell what you don’t use/invest more in what you do use. Too
    often people hear excellent things about one specific brand, buy 24 of
    those..and then when they don’t fit THEIR individual baby perfectly..get
    turned off from cloth forever. Experiment!

  6. I switched to cloth diapers when my small one turned 1 year ancient. I like
    it. What a pity I did not change earlier. But now I´ve got the stash ready
    for our next baby :)

  7. Hi Kayla, i am from Belgium and i do not know how i got to your videos, but
    i like them, thanks to your explanations i will be cloth diapering my
    future babys. Just a question after seeing so many different brands and
    prices i am a bit confused about wich ones to choose. I got very impressed
    about the bum genius, but i saw so many reviews that i do not know what to
    choose, so wich ones you consider to be the best? Thank you very much

  8. you sold me, i had been considering cloth diapering my baby since she was
    an infant and everyone told me that it would be too much work and blah blah
    blah. I’m ordering her diapers right now. Thank you!

  9. i reckon mist of the “leak” myth comes from people thinking you can keep a
    baby in cloth for hours like a disposable

  10. I change diapers every two hoursish… He sleeps 12 hours a night (so I
    don’t wake him up) so there are only 6 diaper changes.. Do I need to change
    him more?

  11. We used disposables for the first 6 months for various reasons and
    CONSTANTLY had leaks, many that ruined outfits. Every poop was disastrous
    and many times when we would let him jump in his bouncer the disposable
    would get bunched up in the middle and leak even if he was only in there a
    small while and changed immediately before (we thought it might prevent
    it). Leaks very nearly every night because I have such an incredible sleeper. Since
    switching we’ve only had 1 leak from build up on the diaper.

  12. You are too cute! Say it how it is sister! So, I want to see you do a vlog
    on “how to talk your uber-reluctant hubby into cloth” We are due in Sept
    with baby #4 but this will be the first with cloth and daddy is not on
    board my cloth diapering train. Also, do you already have a vlog entry
    about your personal faves for diapers/styles? Thanks! ;)

  13. I started CD’ing when my oldest child was a month ancient. I fell in like
    immediately! The husband wasn’t sold on it until I showed him the pocket
    diapers. Total win! We use AI2 and pocket diapers. Our oldest will be 8
    soon and the youngest is 7 months. By CD’ing all six kids vs disposables, I
    calculated that we’ve saved around $9,000 so far. Withe the size of our
    family tree, we can certainly use the savings anywhere we can find them! lol

  14. thanks for posting these videos. after talking to a supporter who just had a
    baby and finding out im pregnant i have been trying to find a way to save
    money and give my child the best. i am planing onshowing this record to my
    husband who is really agains the thought of cloth diapering. any advice on
    how to get him to change his mind?

  15. like your videos .<3 .but plz help with everywhere to start ..we are ttc and
    must i start now with a collecting or not and what all to start with ..i
    will be watching more of your videos about cloth

  16. Fantastic record i use cloth with all 4 of my babies my youngest being 10 weeks
    and i like then new style covers they do make it a lot easer like this
    record i will be sharing <3

  17. Have you ever hand washed your cloth diapers? Just curious since I don’t
    have a washing machine at home and won’t have the time to run to the
    laundomat double+ a week.

  18. Thanks this was very helpful. I didn’t realize how awesome cloth diapers

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