25 thoughts on “Funniest baby feeding EVER!

  1. u have to try lots of different kinda fruit… mybe she likes something
    that tastes different.

  2. Try some pureed fruit with oats, the rice may be constipating her :-) She
    is very adorable btw !

  3. she dont like it dont you see? And i dont reckon that shes ready to eat
    solid foot because babys open their mouth automatically when theyre ready !

  4. After some time I start feeling sorry for the baby … she’s just so cute
    and willing to do what mamy and dady say

  5. Zeus ass clown. Stout babies Are NOT HEALTHY. IN THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF
    MEDICINE, Dr. William Gharana states they are prone to future diabetes, and
    heart disease. Get your facts before you speak. Imbecile. 

  6. try adding some baby banana or desert in with the cereal. or maybe oats
    as a replacement for of the rice. she does not like it.

  7. She’s a pleased small girl now. Three years ancient. She was a premie and had
    vex with solid foods, it was just so pun to us to see her spitting
    out that food, eventually she got it. Check her out now…i have other
    vids….A Fix is a excellent one

  8. This record documents our first attempts at feeding her solid food.

  9. They’re feeding her the same stuff that they place in her pot, just a
    small bit thicker.

  10. frame 0:06 is a excellent shot of the baby’s left eye slit pupil wide this ET
    aLIEn baby is a REPTILIAN~!!!! ewwwwww

  11. This would have been a pun record if you had stopped trying to force feed
    her after you realized that she didn’t like it. A pun “my baby reacted to
    eating baby food” record but you could see she was disgusted by it and
    very nearly throwing up so why continue to feed it to her? Not saying don’t feed
    her solids but try with something different next time. Maybe even try
    mixing something in with the rice cereal. Would you like it if someone
    forced you to eat something you couldn’t stand?

  12. hahaha, yup she gave a pretty huge clue. She had vex getting solids
    down, eventually she got the hang of it.

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